Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week 58

This week was a little slow. We didn't have a whole lot of teaching, but we did get some service done. The weeks here are starting to blur together.

This week on P-day we went on a hike with the Shoobridges again and had a great time. Me and Elder Stott on the way back decided to cut through the bush instead of stay on the trail, and we didn't get very far before we saw a python! This thing was huge! So we hurried back and got on the trail. We also worked on the gym room a little bit and got the base coat of paint on the walls. And we also got all the forms ready for pouring concrete at the Parker's. We had a meeting set up with Wendy, but it fell through. She wasn't there when we got there.

Friday we had a Branch BBQ/Game Night and that was a lot of fun. Sunday was great. We had a great discussion on being self reliant and the importance of education, and then we had Munch and Mingle afterwards. Then [we] took the sacrament to those who couldn't make it.

I have a testimony that the Gospel is simple, and we need to keep it simple for everyone to understand. It starts just like everything does with faith in Jesus Christ as the foundation, and faith in Jesus Christ includes faith in his wisdom and in his timing. Faith is not just a one-time event. It’s either growing or diminishing. It follows the law of nature just like everything around us, just like a muscle. Muscles grow or get weaker depending on if you use them. Even rocks either are forming or eroding. Nothing stays the same. That is why we need to be constantly using and testing our faith so that we don’t lose it.

Love you all,
Elder Newman

This is an echidna (like a spiny anteater).


Happy Halloween from Merimbula, NSW!

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