Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 67

Well this week was great. It was kinda hard to teach people because they are all gone to parties and such for the holidays, but we did have some crazy experiences this week. The first one started on Tuesday of last week when me and Elder Cook were looking for a Recent Converts house. I was crossing the road and wasn't really paying attention, and I almost walked into a moving car, haha. That will teach ya to look where you are walking.

But then the other couple of experiences happened yesterday when we were knocking the housing commission units, and to enter the building we had to step over a guy that was passed out in the entry way. Then we knocked on a couple doors, and on one in particular we knocked three times for their salvation. Just as we were about to leave, she answered the door, and she was really hesitant to shake our hands. She was acting really timid and scared, but eventually we got talking to her. She talked about her sister and how she is a member of our faith, and then out of nowhere she says, “Excuse me, sorry” and shuts the door.

So we thought that she was coming back in a little bit to continue talking with us, but after 15 minutes we decided to knock again, and she answered it the same as the first time, very timid and scared. We got talking to her again, and she eventually told us that we shouldn't be here, that it’s a dangerous area, and then she told us something that made us realize why she was acting scared. She said that she had informed the cops about someone there and that since she did that, they were going to kill her. She told us to leave this area and don’t come back because it is very dangerous. Just before she shut the door we gave her a B.O.M and told her to read it when she needed strength. She then talked to us for a little longer and then one of her neighbors opened the door, and she quickly got inside and ended the visit.

Needless to say, we were a little scared for the rest of the tracting in that building. The only reason that we stayed was because we knew that we would be protected by the Lord.

That was my week. I hope you all had an even better one. Have another fantastic week!

Love Elder Newman

This is me sitting on a motor bike just after I cleaned it a little bit.

This is Elder and Sister Mansel. They are from Elwood, and they are the office missionaries here.

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