Sunday, July 30, 2017

Week 97 – What a Week!

Man I feel like I am finally figuring things out in this ward and starting to build a great relationship with all the members.

This week my companion gave a great talk in Sacrament meeting, and he couldn't even make it 5 feet before someone else wanted to talk to him because he was Japanese, haha. It was funny to watch because he just came out of a branch that has maybe 20 adult members max, and then he gets swarmed by everyone because they all know someone who either served in Japan or is learning Japanese. He loves the ward and city and is adjusting well to his new area, and he is helping me stay sane by helping me stay busy.

We have been working a lot with our less actives, and have been really starting to get super busy, like hardly any time to travel in between. That was basically our week. Today is Elder Hideshima's birthday, so we will be going around with what he wants to do today. But as far as the work, it’s been progressing... new people and new progress. It’s great!

Elder Newman

Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 96 - Transfers!

This last week we didn't focus too much on finding because we realized that our member connection wasn't there. So we focused on building relationships with the ward, and guess what! We finally got a new investigator. Haha! All those doors and nothing.. and working with members for one week we already have an investigator with a great support system. That shows us how important members are to the work of salvation.

Elder Ferris got transferred to Canberra Zone and was replaced by Elder Hideshima. I don’t know too much about him, but he is my same age and he is from Japan, just like Elder Iino. I am looking forward to this transfer. Hopefully it will be good, and we can see success!

Love you all!
Elder Newman

[Pictures from last week's Pday BBQ.]


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Week 95

It was a good week. We still are finding heaps and got like 2 potentials this week, but no investigators. But the zone is doing great this transfer. We have had 2 baptisms this transfer, and we are leading the mission with 8 on date. So even though it’s hard for us, there are still blessings, and the work is still progressing.

This week there was a funeral of a dad of one of the missionaries in the mission. That was pretty tough because last transfer his grandma had passed away as well.

Then my companion had a birthday, his first on the mission, and we had a good time making an ice cream cake for him and had a good day. That was all for this week besides finding everyone.

Have a great week!
Elder Newman

[Elder Newman made these cinnamon rolls from scratch last week for FHE.]
Elder Tiatia, Elder Crowton (front), Elder Ferris (birthday boy), and Elder Newman

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 94

Another week has gone. This week has flown by. This week was pretty average again, except we were able to have a baptism in the Tongan ward so we went and helped the sisters with that. I gave a talk on baptism for their investigator that was getting baptized. Then after that we had a fafanga (feed), heaps of food. It’s the islander culture, so there was heaps of food there. I think they bought up all the chicken from KFC, then we had Chop Suey (rice noodles and soy sauce and meat), and taro (really dense potato on steroids).

We had a Tongan culture night too. [It was the night before the baptism.] Other than that we have just been shaking members down for referrals and tracting as usual.

I love you all, have a great week!
Elder Newman

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week 93

Well this week I am not really sure what we did. This week we knocked heaps of doors; that was fun. It’s fun keeping track of how many you knock.

We were able to teach our investigator this week. We taught about modern day prophets and apostles and got to testify about that. We are still trying to figure out what she needs. She says she believes in everything that we teach, but there is something inside her that is a personal struggle that she isn't letting out. Me and Elder Ferris have a plan though. Other than that, nothing else stood out to me this week.

I love you all, have a great week!
Elder Newman

Elder Ferris wanted a Picture with the Ferris wheel, haha.

We were out of money this week because we didn't know how to budget I guess, but a member came in clutch with a miracle of food. A little side note on the member... We had eaten all of the canned food and noodles and had no money. The member went with us on splits, and after gave us $120 just for us to eat something for dinner. He didn't know about our situation like we had no food.

A quick drawing of the priesthood.