Sunday, July 30, 2017

Week 97 – What a Week!

Man I feel like I am finally figuring things out in this ward and starting to build a great relationship with all the members.

This week my companion gave a great talk in Sacrament meeting, and he couldn't even make it 5 feet before someone else wanted to talk to him because he was Japanese, haha. It was funny to watch because he just came out of a branch that has maybe 20 adult members max, and then he gets swarmed by everyone because they all know someone who either served in Japan or is learning Japanese. He loves the ward and city and is adjusting well to his new area, and he is helping me stay sane by helping me stay busy.

We have been working a lot with our less actives, and have been really starting to get super busy, like hardly any time to travel in between. That was basically our week. Today is Elder Hideshima's birthday, so we will be going around with what he wants to do today. But as far as the work, it’s been progressing... new people and new progress. It’s great!

Elder Newman

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