Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 2

In my zone there are 12 other kids going to my same mission and like 24 going to Australia. When I said I had a bad day, I meant as in I didn't teach very well. It wasn't like I was missing home. I love it here! I am in charge of 8 missionaries right now, but we are leaving today at 11:30. I have seen Riley a couple times. Everyone thinks it's cool that we are twins. I have probably seen him like 5 or 6 times. 

I have taught my first real lesson to an actual non-member. The first lesson was kinda awkward.  It was like he didn't want to listen to us. And then the next lesson we kinda just got to know him and then share a quick message with him, and we could really feel the spirit. I felt like he was progressing a lot, but I have only met with him like 4 times. He will take lessons from other missionaries, so it's all good.  I hope he watched conference like we asked him to because it answered a lot of the questions he didn't know he had, I felt like.

Elder Newman

This is today's pic.

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