Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 7

Well this week not a whole lot happened, but I am having lots of fun, and I am enjoying it. It is becoming a lot easier to talk to strangers, and I see the growth in my testimony and the affect the mission is having on me. It took a whole transfer, but I am getting into the routine of missionary work.

I am loving it in Australia. Right now we are just focusing on finding new people to teach. It hasn’t been working too well. A couple days ago we knocked on like 30 houses, a whole street, and nobody wanted to talk to us. The longest conversation we had was like ten seconds.

But this week I had the opportunity to speak in Sacrament [Meeting]. I had a couple hours to prepare. Luckily it was an easy topic. It was about preparing for a mission. I think it went great considering I had only a few hours to think of stuff to talk about. But yeah, that’s how this week has gone.

I love you all!

Elder Newman

Birthday celebration for Elder Iino!

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  1. Our prayers are with him everyday! He is going to bring about many great things!