Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 9

Well this week has been busy, but both our investigators seem to be progressing.

The one [Fahad] has agreed to be baptized December 5th, but we will have to push the date back closer to Christmas just because we don't have enough time to teach him.

And the other one we have had a little trouble with. She has been learning from the missionaries for 3 years, and she is still on the first lesson just because she doesn't retain the information that we give her and that might be because she doesn't speak English very well. So we had the Chinese elders come and teach her, and the first lesson went great. The second lesson we had them come and teach her again, and it didn't go so well. But we did have a member there with us, and the member kind of saved the lesson.

The whole time we were trying to teach, the investigator didn't want us to. She kept saying that she is sick of the missionaries and that all she wanted was friends. She was sick of the missionaries because we had to keep teaching her the same lesson, and so she was sick of the same questions. The reason she wanted friends is because she moved here from an Asian country [Taiwan], and she doesn't have very many friends. She feels like the missionaries are a burden to her, so she doesn't want us to come back, so we ended our visit right there. We said a prayer and left, and the member stayed behind and talked with her. They kind of became friends, and they exchanged information and kind of talked. I don't know what the member said to her, but somehow the member got her to come to church, something the missionaries haven't been able to get her to do for the whole 3 years we have been teaching her.
We have two really good potential investigators so we should be able to contact and teach more people—
So that was mostly what happened this week. I love you all. I hope you have a good Thanksgiving. There is an American family that is fixing us Thanksgiving Dinner.

Love Elder Newman

The body [on this spider] is about the size of a quarter. They jump, and they aren’t scared of you. They aren’t poisonous, but they hurt when they bite you, or so I have been told. And I guess that’s a small one. Haha

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