Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 10

Not a whole lot to report on this week, but it was Thanksgiving. I had a good time. We have American families in the ward so they invited us over. We went with two elders that haven’t had Thanksgiving ever. The one didn’t know what turkey was. He just eats chicken and red meat, but he enjoyed it. It was a smoked turkey, and it was great! And then another dinner there was 50 people there, and it was at the Bishop’s house. They are Aussie, but they love celebrating whatever they can. They had an excuse to have a party, so they planned a Thanksgiving dinner. Not a lot of people knew what turkey meat was. Haha. They thought it was great. They are all just used to eating ham.

We are doing good. The missionary work is slow, but it is progressing. The members are starting to help a little bit more. Our teaching pool is small, but the people that we do teach seem to be understanding the importance of our message. I hope that [all of you] will be examples and help with the missionary efforts. Everything helps.

Those are some awesome pictures of [Bryant hunting]. The other elders think it is so cool because two of them don’t hunt. They don’t have guns, and here you aren’t really allowed to have a gun, so I’m pretty safe. Every time I share a little hunting story, they all think it’s really cool.

I heard that you got snow. That is awesome! I’m still here getting tan. Haha. I have heard that it doesn’t snow here, so that’s something I will be looking forward to when I come back. That’s all for this week. I love you all. I hope your week is great. Keep me up to date with what is new back home. Thanks so much for everything [you all] do for me.

Love, Elder Newman
The Church Is True

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