Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 3 - Australia!!

It was a long flight. The first day in Australia I got sick. I think it was a combination of jet lag and sleep deprivation, but I'm alright now. I got sleep that night and woke up feeling great.  

It's pretty similar here, but the food is different. There is a lot less sugar in the food, but I am gaining heaps of weight. It's a pretty big culture shock here, but it's all good. I'm adjusting well. I miss our home foods, even the mayo tastes different, and everything's expensive here.

There was a lizard that got into our flat, and there are heaps of spiders. I haven't seen big ones, but there are heaps of them, and they are scary looking. Haha.
My trainer is Elder IIno. He is from Japan. He is so cool. He turns 24 pretty soon. I'm having so much fun here. Everyone loves my accent. Haha, I'm not the one with an accent, but okay. They like Americans here, which is good for me. 

Thanks for everything. I love you guys so much!
Elder Newman

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