Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 5

Camden is good. This week went by super fast. I am really enjoying it. There isn’t anything new that didn’t happen last week, but I did see my first kangaroo today. I love it here, but I do miss home. I ate some Tongan food, and that was different. They had gasava [cassava?], and that is like a potato. But they also love meat. They had a meat salad, and it was lamb and some greens. And like you would be eating it, and you would have to stop to pull out bones and fatty tendons, but it didn’t taste bad. It was just the texture of some of the foods. I have tried more foods, but I forgot the name of them. They make sure that [we] are fed.

This week we were doing service for a non-member, and they gave me and elder Iino a weight lifting set. So we have three adjustable dumbbells and a barbell and a bench to do bench presses, so that’s good. I was getting sick of pushups. And we also have a forearm thing that is pretty good for your forearms.

We are only supposed to do four hours of service, but this whole week was service. Like we had no one to teach, but we had heaps of service to do, so we got that done. I got a little sunburned, but not bad.

Saturday morning we were playing basketball at 5:30 am. I jumped to get a rebound and came down on someone’s foot and rolled my ankle and its purple and blue. It hurt to walk on it the first day, but it’s getting better. The young men of this ward love me and Elder Iino. We always are laughing when we do something with them.

That was basically our week. So it wasn’t busy with like teaching, but it was with everything else like service and making connections.

Elder Newman

Burragorang Lookout near Oakdale, NSW:

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