Sunday, June 25, 2017

Week 92 - Miracles

This week was crazy. We had a lot of fun, tracted about 300 doors this week. [We got] 5 potentials from that and one less active that we will start working with this week. We had an awesome experience with finding her, heaps of promptings that were followed, and she has also been prepared. It’s been a great, hard week.

We have reached our limit on how far we can drive the car, so we have been biking this whole week. It’s been fun, and my legs have been sore. It’s the first time in the mission that I have had to walk or bike the whole week. It’s crazy that Riley has to do that for his whole mission. Idk, I would have probably gotten used to it though.

This was a poem that my flatmate made for this week. It’s pretty good.

'Twas the week of an elder whose last name is Crowton
This week was a lit one, you know I'm not boastin'
Here's an account written by mine own hand
Of how my life fare's whilst I'm in this great land

Today was a beauty, just like my mom
It's also her birthday so sing her a song
We did all the normal, shop, email, and such
Then strapped on our boots and hit the field to play touch
Came back and changed and then hit FHE
"Hey you go home soon," was a very constant theme
Now 10 p days left wow and that's how it stands
Hectic as but, I can count it on both hands

Our day started good and we made a man cave
Included: 2 chairs, couch, plus one microwave
We also did service, yard work, what a day
She then gave us shave cream, Vanilla Olay
We hit up the chapel with Terry at 5
And played some piano, my holla and drive
Headed over to dinner with Helen Pene
Ate food then we talked 'bout that gospel, hooray

It's Wednesday today and we visited our 'gator
Stan is his name and you know he's no hater
During tracting today we knocked on a steal
Met a lit dude named Semi who plays for the Eels
Found out he's a star, so you know that he hustles
He gave us some protein to get shredded muscles
Finished off our day with a meeting, great 'twas
Pres Boden presiding to lead the stake cuz

Meeting today, with Pres Back and his wife
Gave us some counsel on the way to live life
Went to the library, girl yelled "SECURITY"
Because of a man who stared at her curiously
Then we went knocking to plant those seeds mate
#KnockedEmDead now we've knocked two-twenty-eight
Went to the Mu's for a feed, got some grub
Homemade mac & cheese was the dish that's whaddup

Today I turn 21, Newman as well
So many months down the drain, oh how that's swell
Went to the chapel to meet up with Terry
Talked about how we can pray when life's scary
Then went to Sifa's, he was cutting hair doe
Dude getting cut sounds like Bruce from Nemo
"Don't lose your faith..." starts a quote that's so true
"...Just know that the Lord has not lost faith in you."

What a day, what a day, 'twas a beaut after all
Woke up at 5 cause you know we got ball
Today we biked heaps, better workout than burpees
Then Ferris came in with a clutch shout of slurpees
Then we knocked doors, "how many?" you wonder
42 mate, what a beaut of a number
Met up with Sanches tonight what a lad
With Tiatia's smiling face he couldn't be sad

Sabbath day plus church day I'm all the way up
Fariba and Marco at church that's wassup
Dunk date was set for my soa for Marco
Then had Ward Council to start off our arvo
We went to the Ormsby's for lunch and a chat
Ate, talked, then hit the bikes quick like a cat
Biking so fast you'd think we're on a chase
To Gomez for Za, with a nice tomato base

And now we see just how great life can be
Over down under where it's cold as can be
10 weeks to go never felt any better
I finished my poem, time to put on a sweater


Haha, hope you enjoyed the poem. I had a great week. Talk to yous next week!

Elder Newman

Cheeto and the Boyz District

Biking to service.. had to bike like 45 min straight.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 91 – What a Week

We have 1 investigator, and she is solid. She already believes the Book of Mormon, but we are just waiting for her to feel like she is ready to make the next step. Other than that, we are trying to knock 1000 doors this transfer, and that is kinda hard because we are still trying to get to know the ward. So we have to spend some time to build the relationships, and then we have got to focus on the investigator that we have, and also help Elder Ferris get through his 12 week training. So I think 1000 doors is a good goal. That’s really all that is from us this week.

Love, Elder Newman


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 90 - New area New comp No problems

I got transferred this week. I liked my last area, but I am now in Oatlands in the Fairfield Stake. I have a greenie as a companion. He has been out about 6 weeks, so I am follow-up training him. He is a great guy. He is from New Zealand. His name is Elder Ferris.

The first of the transfer didn't start off too great. I have been sick since Monday, and now he is starting to get sick. So hopefully he can recover soon, but we are doing good. This area just opened last transfer, so we don’t have a lot to work with. We will get the area figured out and get things moving.

Before I moved we were able to do some service, and I got to see a blue tongue lizard, which was pretty cool. I will send a picture of it. Other than that we just went around the area visiting members trying to get some referrals and following up on the 300 Book of Mormon challenge. So far the challenge is halfway done, and we have about 50 handed out within the ward. Hopefully they pull through, but I won’t know because I am now in a different area.

But nothing else to report on this week. I love you all. Have a great week!

Elder Newman


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Week 89 - A couple days in the Hospital

This week was pretty normal except we had a couple tradeoffs; and on Tuesday one of our elders had to go to the hospital at 4am in the morning to have his appendix taken out because it was giving him trouble. Luckily they got it out before it burst. He is doing alright now, still trying to recover, so we sometimes go on trade offs to help out the Tongan area. But he should be back to full health pretty soon.

On Friday there was a baptism in Bankstown Ward (where Elder Leal came from), and so we went to see that. Me and Elder Olsen were comps for that night to talk to people in the Bankstown area while our comps were watching [the baptism].

Saturday was a full day of service, which is something that you don't really get to do in Ingleburn, but somehow it worked out. And then on Sunday there was a recent convert fireside, and we got called in an emergency because two of the speakers cancelled and they needed a recent convert from our ward to speak. We chose Reynold. He was way nervous, but he did a great job and he was glad that he came.

That was our week. Hopefully we can find some new people to teach this week!

Have a good one everybody! Love you all!

Elder Newman

Artistic skills.. I did this to my comp’s blanket.