Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 45

We had a busy week this week. Monday's appointment with Wendy got cancelled. Then the week was pretty normal with our regular visits up until Saturday, when after the 5K run we went and helped Josh cut firewood except all we got was some vague directions to where he was cutting wood. I had to take the Toyota Corolla through some pretty sketchy places. Needless to say, I need to buff a couple scratches out where we had to rub up against some trees. The car will be fine though. I will get it taken care of.

Then Sunday, Wendy came to Church! Which was great! Everyone loved talking to her, and it helped that she wasn't shy at all. She loves talking, and she is very spiritual, and she loved the lesson of the Restoration and the part of the priesthood power she understood. I don’t think she thought about that before. She couldn't stop talking about Temple Square. She loved it there, and she is so happy about how it has influenced her life.

Then the reason why we didn't email yesterday was because we had to drive up to Canberra to do trade-offs and to get interviewed by President so that he knows how all the missionaries are doing. It went pretty well. I miss Merimbula though. I have only been back in the city for like 2 days.

I miss you all, and I hope you all had as good of a week as I did. Not a whole lot happened by the sound of this letter, but we were pretty busy trying to get everything taken care of before we came up here to Canberra.

Have a great week everyone!
Love, Elder Newman

We are making a prayer card for the members so that they can be reminded to pray always.

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