Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week 46

This week was pretty good, not very busy, but a lot of service helping the Parkers and Shoobridges get ready for the week.

After I emailed on Tuesday we went and did a little go-carting. That was fun. And then we finished our P day with going to the capital building in Canberra. Then we drove home, and the next morning we were helping with the family history. I have indexed 700 names so far, which I think is an accomplishment for me because I never did any indexing before my mission. Then we went and did some service for Debbie Parker helping her dig up some ginger plants. By the end of it I did not like the smell of ginger.

Then Thursday was Josh Shoobridge’s birthday. We dropped by his house to say happy birthday and for elder Plata to drop off a gift for him. We also helped him with his yard work as well because he just had a newborn and they needed help catching back up with the chores around the house.

Friday we were at Debbie's house again and finished up the job that we started and then went out to eat Chinese because Debbie and Mark wanted to celebrate.

Saturday was pretty normal we started with the park run. I ran it in 23 minutes, and I finished 1st in my age group and 12th overall. Then we had Missionary coordination meeting at Sam’s. Then we timed the bike race and cooked them lunch. We got to know a lot of people that day.

Wendy came to church Sunday. It was fast and testimony meeting, [and] she loved it! We then taught her about the Plan of Salvation. She understood it all, and she again loved everything about it. She loved the idea that she would be able to see her daughter again. She even said "Why haven't I heard about this religion before?"

That was my week. Sunday was a great way to end it. I love that I decided to serve a mission. I have never been happier!

Elder Newman

The capital building in Canberra.

Pictures with the queen of I don’t know, but she is in the picture.

BBQ Chicken, mashed potatoes and onion rings.

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