Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 43

This week was pretty good. Monday after we got done with email and shopping we went on a hike around the coast in Pambula. We are going to go on that same hike again today because we went the wrong way. So we are going to go to a cool overlook of the ocean today.

Tuesday we did some service for Debbie Parker pruning trees and taking stuff to the tip(dump). Wednesday we helped Josh Shoobridge out with cutting firewood. One log that I carried over we cut with the chainsaw and like 15 Huntsman spiders crawled out from the center. The center of the log was hollow. I was checking myself for them the rest of the day.

Thursday we did some service at Mandeni, and for Sam Parker we fixed a mountain bike track. Then we had to test out the track, so we road with the Shoobridge family and the Parkers. It was a good ride. I got really tired, and Elder Plata said it was hard for him to walk afterwards, haha.

Friday we taught the Walker kids, and Joven was there this time so we were able to teach him a little bit. He also came to church this week.

Saturday morning we had our first MCM (missionary coordination meeting). It was pretty good. Sam has some great goals for the area, and he makes me excited about this area. Then we went to Eden and visited the Waymouths. They don’t get visited a lot here because they live so far away, but it was a good visit. She like gave us all of her food. I guess that is just the grandma in her coming out because we are the same age as her grand kids, haha. Then later that day we had dinner with Sam Parker’s family.

Sunday was pretty normal except for the Elder Quorum lesson. A guy gave me his phone to follow along in the lesson because we didn’t have our book, and the phone felt so awkward in my hand, haha. Got to love the missionary life.

Then we finally were able to contact the referral we got last week. They had just gotten home from a road trip in America, and on that road trip they went to Temple Square and met the missionaries there. That’s how we got the referral. We had been going over every day since we got the referral, and she was finally home today. But she was sick and tired because of the flight. I felt bad for her because I knew how long the flight was, so we gave her a Book of Mormon and set up an appointment for Wednesday at 2pm. So I am really excited about it because we are finally able to start teaching someone.

That was the highlight of my week. I love you all! Have a great week.

Love, Elder Newman  

 Mountain biking..

 Dinner and dessert , a warm doughnut with ice cream on top..

Cooking over the fire for dinner at Sam's, egg and bacon sandwiches and potatoes.. you can’t see them very well but they are cooking in the fire.

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