Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 42

This week we had a mission conference on Tuesday in Mortdale so we left here at 5 o'clock and stayed in Canberra that night, and then caught a bus at 5 in the morning headed to Mortdale so that we could get there on time.

The conference was great. They taught us how to deal with stress just like it says in “Adjusting to Missionary Life.” They also gave us some really good street contacting ideas. And since that’s all it seems like we do here in Merimbula and the Australia Sydney South Mission, they taught us some ways to get motivated to do the work.

After that we took the bus back down ts Canberra and stayed the night again and left in the morning. We got back to Merimbula around 3pm and went and visited the Walker family.

Thursday we went to Bega, visited some people there, and did some weekly planning. Friday we did service for the first part of the day which was pretty easy. All it was, was cleaning windows. And then after that we went home and cleaned our flat because this was the last week of the transfer.

Saturday was service all day. The first part of the day we were sorting and stacking logs and then cutting them up and then splitting them. The other part of the day was yet again helping someone move house. And man was this house dirty!

Then Sunday we got a Branch Mission Leader. His name is Sam Parker. He is the man! I get along with him very well. He has given us some ideas to help transition from service to teaching because right now we are doing a whole lot of service and not a lot of teaching as you can tell from my letters home.

Today is day one of another new transfer. I am staying in Merimbula for another 6 weeks.
I almost forgot we got a referral on Friday. This girl referred herself to the missionaries and wants a Book of Mormon and the discussions. Please pray for her. Her name is Wendy.

Thanks for everything.
Love Elder Newman

So this right here is a snake. It took some convincing, but Elder Plata finally got me to hold it. They must do this kind of thing in the Philippines all the time. It wasn't until after that we found out that this was a tiger snake, one of the top 10 most poisonous snakes on earth. I am so glad that nobody got hurt. I got one cool picture though.
The snake is plastic, haha.

Bus ride back home from Mortdale..

 Fun on the Trampoline

 Elder Plata is one great chef!

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