Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week 23

This week was a good week, it was super busy. The lessons that we taught were Pretty Quality Lessons and you could really feel the spirit.

Sam (our investigator) is doing great. We didn’t end up teaching him about baptism because me and my companion didn’t feel prompted to talk about baptism. Instead we felt like we needed to teach him how to pray. We already had tried to teach him before but he had forgotten. But this time he was talking about praying with his family. So we taught him how to pray and he felt confident enough to say the closing prayer for us. That was one of the best lessons I have had out here. The spirit was there inspiring both me and my companion on what questions to ask. I felt like Sam progressed a lot. I am so glad that now Sam is able to pray with his family. He seemed really excited about it as well.

I have a testimony about prayer and that God does answer our prayers as long as we have faith. I also know if you want your relationship to grow with God that one of the ways you do that is by Prayer. Just like our fathers like it when we talk with them, our Father in Heaven likes it when we talk with him. When we pray, our relationship with our Heavenly Father grows, and that allows us to feel the spirit more, and that builds our testimony as well. Prayer is a great thing. It is simple, but it is powerful.

I hope you all find time to pray this week. I love you all so very much! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Newman--

This is Bea, our investigator that went to the Philippines to be baptized.

Our Stake had a Chinese New Year celebration.

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