Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 20.

Well this week was an interesting week. It was full of drunk people and Muslims telling us how wrong we are. First of all we met two groups of drunk guys. The first group was alright because I had met one guy before he was drunk, so we were pretty much friends. He was acting like a pirate, and one of his friends just echoed everything he said. And his other friend just kept talking and he didn’t care about what I don’t think he realized, he was talking to a representative of Jesus Christ.

The other group that we met was the next day, and everyone wasn’t too drunk. They were alright with talking to us and they could have a nice conversation, but one of them was way drunk and he did not like us. He was in our face and kept yelling at us. He wanted to fight me and Elder Brown, but he was skinny, even more skinny than me. He had Elder Brown hold up his hand and he tried to kick it. He kept saying that we should go back to our own country. He kept saying that we weren't missionaries and that he was. Haha. I kinda felt bad for him.

Then right after that, we don’t get 20 steps, and a Muslim starts talking to us. He tells us that we are basically wrong, and he starts reading from the Koran for like an hour. But it’s all good because our drunk friend came over and started to mess with the guys bike, and was kinda rough with it. Then he left and came back a couple minutes later and told us that if we block out his bro again that he was going to cut us. Haha. But eventually the drunk guy had to leave, and we eventually were able to give the Muslim a book of Mormon. So in the end we were alright. I hope he read it.

And we had a miracle this week. We gave a guy a blessing that was struggling. [He had] no job and no money with a young family, so we gave him a blessing. And the next day he was happier, and he came home with $2500, and he got a job offered to him by one of his past employees. It’s amazing how the Lord works. We are now teaching him, and he is on his way to getting baptized!

That’s my week. It’s been a good one. I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Newman

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