Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week 80 - Life Down Under

[It has been] quite a slow week knowing that everyone back home is able to watch general conference this week; and then I have to wait another week to even hear it. I hope that you all learned something from it and that you all took questions to it.

This week we have been making good progress with a potential family. They are Chinese and are going through some struggles. What an opportunity to testify about how much God loves us, and how much he knows and cares about every individual on earth, and how we are all sons and daughters of our father in heaven. The mom loves us coming over. She feeds us every time. Haha. She feeds us more than the members. Her son is 19 years old, loves hunting and backpacking, and cars, so we have a little bit in common. We just need to inspire him to love Jesus Christ just as much. They are always so nice to us when we come over. They are a great family that would benefit heaps from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We also had a Baptism this week. His name is Jackson. It was such a great experience for him, as well as for his mom and sister. That is another great family that is on fire with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

That was a week in the Life Down Under. Have a great week!
Elder Newman

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