Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 75

This week has been hard and fun, new ideas for finding and new ways to teach. [We have been] getting some new investigators and making a little progress with the old ones. I will start off with the new finding idea. We had to get permission for it because it’s a little sketchy, but it is dealing with finding people to teach on the train.

Two missionaries are in P day clothes (normal clothes) and have their badges in their pockets. Then the missionaries get on the train and say that they are going around sharing a message about the Book of Mormon and about Jesus Christ and ask if anyone is interested. Then what usually happens is nobody raises their hand to talk to the missionaries except the two undercover Missionaries, and [we] talk a little louder than normal so that everyone else can hear. The undercover missionaries try to involve the people around them. It’s pretty hard to do, but it is pretty effective and getting people involved with our message. We did that on Saturday and placed 5 Book of Mormons! What a day!

We also got some new investigators. We will see if we can get them to progress. We were also finally able to introduce Elder Olsen to Simon and taught him a great lesson and inspired him to try harder to make time for us and to also read the Book of Mormon. It’s been great!

[I have] nothing else to report on. I love you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Newman

[Elder Newman broke his glasses a couple weeks ago playing basketball, and he had to go get new ones. We like the new look!]

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