Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 51

This week we finished up the lessons with Daniel. We are just going to check his retention of the information that we have been giving him and prepare him for his Baptismal interview, which is going to be easy for him. He is the man! The baptismal date is a ways away, so we have heaps of time to prepare. It is scheduled for the 15th of October. It’s going to be fun. It might be happening in the ocean, which will be so cool and a great experience for Daniel!

Our week this week was pretty average, just a lot of service, a total of 5 lessons and yet another drive up to Canberra. I am still safe, and I am still loving this area even though the work is hard. This upcoming week that we have planned is going to have more teaching involved than previous, which I am excited about. And it is all in preparation for the Meet the Mormons movie and presentation that we are doing as a branch. Hopefully that goes well.

That’s all I have for the week. I hope you all enjoy yours as well. I will talk to yous next week.

Elder Newman

Can you see the whale?

 On the drive to Canberra..

This is our flat...

Playing squash with Elder Stott..

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