Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 50

This week was pretty good. We had to drive up to Canberra again, but it’s a lot easier now that both of us can drive. I am still surprised that we haven't hit a Kangaroo yet (Knock on wood).

Monday we went on another hike with the Shoobridges and had a lesson at their place with Daniel. We watched The Restoration video and had to leave before it was over. Apparently Daniel stayed until 10:30. They had a great discussion with Daniel after the video.

Tuesday we did service as usual. Wednesday we did some family history, and then we were invited to play squash so we played for a bit and then went to game night with one of our investigators. It’s really weird. Missionary work is heaps different in a branch, but this branch does a good job at helping us missionaries out.

Thursday we worked on the Shed at the Shoobridges and then drove to Canberra. Friday we had DTM. It was raining all day, and then we came back to Merimbula and did some member visits and did weekly planning.

Saturday was windy as and I got the worst time ever on my 5k run. I got 27 minutes. And then later that night we had dinner with the Smiths. And then Sunday was church.

We will be going on another hike today and probably repeat something similar to last week. Thursday we have got to go back to Canberra for Zone Conference, so I am looking forward to that.

Everyday I keep learning more and more from Elder Stott. He is just so great at the whole missionary thing. He makes it look easy putting thoughts into words and remembering all the principles that we need to teach. He is always serving me, and we are always having a good time. He is the man!

That’s all for this week. Have a good one!

Elder Newman

Popcorn and a thank you card from Grace P., Sam’s little girl.

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