Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week 39

Well this week wasn't as busy as last week, but we still had a good week.

Wednesday we spent a lot of time doing family history. I indexed 130 names, and then we went and visited some members and a part-member family.

Thursday we did our studies in the morning along with weekly planning, and then drove 600 kilometers [373 miles] to Canberra again this week for zone conference. It was good, not a whole lot of new information but I did enjoy it. We stayed the night there Thursday night and Friday was the zone conference, and then after zone conference we traveled back home.

Then Saturday morning we went to visit with our recent convert family and did some service for them. We taught one of the follow-up lessons and had lunch, and then we drove home and went to another part-member family and visited with them for a while and shared a scripture.

And then Sunday was church and then we took the sacrament to those that wanted it but couldn't make it.

So it was an alright week. Not too much [going on], but we are trying to work with the members. I love this area even though it’s tough.

Have a great week! Talk to you next Monday!
Love, Elder Newman

In Cooma on the way to Canberra.. Haha.

Zone training in Canberra

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