Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 38

I had a full week this week. Monday was normal, and Tuesday we traveled all day so that we could get to the mission conference in Blair Athol where Gifford Nielson was going to give us a training. On the way there we stopped in Canberra, and I got a parking ticket because I parked in a paid parking spot and I didn’t realize it. So I am going to pay that today. Then we eventually made it up to Blair Athol. We stayed with the missionaries that night, and then went to the training in the morning.

The training was great. Our Mission President trained on repentance just like he always does and his wife trained on “faking it until you make it”. So if you don't love missionary work, pretend to, and eventually you will love it. Then Elder Nielson's wife trained on repentance and talked about how the Lord loves broken things. Elder Nielson trained on how everything we do is a choice, and it kinda just went from there. He kinda combined everyone else's training and made it all come together. He talked about how Satan does not have power until we chose to give him power.

My favorite comment that I heard that day was, "The Lord loves broken things. It takes broken clouds to make rain, and it takes rain to fall onto broken ground to grow grain. It takes broken grain to make bread, and it takes broken bread to remember the atonement of Jesus Christ." It takes a broken heart to be humble enough to ask for the Savior’s help. How can he fix something that isnt broken? That is what we do as missionaries. We teach people how the Lord can fix the broken things in their life. I loved the training. I learned a lot.

After the training we had to travel back to Merimbula, but only made it to Canberra. So we stayed with the Elders there and left again in the morning, and went straight to the Shoobridge family to help them put in their air conditioning and air duct system. We got pretty itchy with all of the fiberglass insulation that we were going through, but we were alright. We were able to take a shower when we got home.
Then Friday we did some more service for a potential. And then Saturday we went on a hike with the Shoobridge family and then went and played squash, which is basically Racquetball. I played against Mrs. Shoobridge who is 7 months pregnant, and I lost. But it’s alright; I beat my companions in that game.

Then Sunday was Church and then taking the Sacrament to the ones who were too old or sick to make it to church, and that was our day. Then Monday was the Queen’s Birthday so that's why our p day was today.

Yesterday the Shoobridges asked us to go on another hike with them, and it was fun. Then we went to their home after and had family home evening, and that was my week.

I love you all. Have a great week. How did everyone do with the inviting someone to church?

Elder Newman

Backpacking getting ready for when I come home and go hunting.

On our way to Blair Athol.

War memorial.


I got beat by a pregnant lady.

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